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Karen’s advocacy journey began many years ago, driven by a desire to empower her youngest child, who faces the challenges of disability, to find her voice. Little did she know that in nurturing her daughter’s independence, she would also uncover her voice and a passion for advocacy.

As a mom of four, Karen’s commitment to fostering opportunities and inclusion for all has always been a top priority. Her belief in equal access extends beyond education, permeating many facets of her life and work.

Karen actively participates in parent groups, offering support and guidance to fellow parents navigating similar paths and volunteering time with local nonprofits, where she is involved with fundraising boards to ensure that children with disabilities receive the support they need to thrive, as well as helping other agencies at times by providing written support for grant applications and speaking at community events. She dedicates her extra time to programs and camps designed to enrich the lives of children facing disabilities. Her involvement in these outreach programs amplifies the message of inclusion, access, and opportunities for all kids through education and community.

In addition to work, Karen enjoys moments spent with her husband and children, sharing their love for travel, camping, and boating, creating memories together. In her spare time, she finds solace in her garden and enjoys time reading and writing. Yet, perhaps most importantly, she nurtures a special bond with her youngest daughter through their shared love of animals, caring for their diverse menagerie of pets, ranging from dogs, ducklings, and chickens to a bunny and a cat.

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