We can make a difference in the education of your child with special needs

How We Can Help

We work individually with each family to understand their specific needs

What Our Clients Are Saying

“[Our child] is doing so much better in Middle School than she ever did in Elementary. That is a direct result of your efforts to get her the supports she needs. You have made a real difference to our family and we are grateful.”

“I want to thank you Diane. You have been a great support to our family! Your counsel has been a great help to me personally because advocating for [our son] alone has not been successful. I now feel like we are actually getting somewhere in the process. Before, I was like a deer caught in the headlights. Thank you again – you have been a godsend!”

“She is doing great! Because of all your help, she is in a regular ed class with pull-outs for reading and a tiny bit of socialization. Truth be told, she wouldn’t have received all that she has and wouldn’t have progressed so far without you.”

Diane, her services are over the top. She has bettered our lives. Cost has been so low, given the value. Has had opposite experience with other lawyers who I have worked with. I just really appreciate Diane.

 I am a parent. I hired Diane after feeling berated and manipulated by our school district. Diane listened to my concerns with genuine empathy. When I was done, she took the reins, initially dismissing the extraneous thoughts clouding my focus and educated me about the points I did not understand. Next, we met with the school. The dynamics changed the instant she walked into the room. Diane is strong and commands respect. She knows the rules and she knows how to play. We walked out with our first 504 plans (one each for two children) and then worked together to modify as we gained further experience with the childrens’ needs. Diane works for the children but partners with the parent producing a desired outcome. She is highly recommended.

“Kelsey, We just wanted to say thank you for everything. You did a great job and made the guardianship the easiest thing we’ve done with the government in a long time. Ha Ha. Thanks.”

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