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Amy is originally from New Mexico and has lived in Oregon for several years.  She has one child, who is her “North Star.”  Amy’s passion for helping families comes from being a parent of a child impacted by disability which can be rewarding while at the same time, complex and challenging.  

Amy believes in and advocates for inclusion with proper supports within the educational system.  Her goal is to educate families and districts on the many aspects of disability.  Amy plans on continuing her education so that she can continue to advocate for families in a greater capacity.  Amy recognizes that parents are at different places in their journey with their children and strives to meet families where they are.  She loves to hear about each child’s strengths and the characteristics that make that child unique. 

In her free time, Amy enjoys church and spending time with her friends and family.  She loves being outdoors, enjoying hiking, camping, and paddling. Amy and her son have a love for animals and they share their home with a chocolate lab, a cat, a 22 year old cockatoo, and fish.  

One of Amy’s favorite quotes by Bill Nason is: “Your first priority is who you take on the ride with you! If the people you pick up on the way do not support you, and hinder your progress, drop them off.  Let them walk!…..Only you understand, accept, and are totally committed to your child!” 

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