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wmp_0059 As the youngest of 12 children, Lidia grew up negotiating and advocating for herself within her very large family. As an adult, she is the mother of two boys with autism. Since the initial diagnoses of her children, Lidia has advocated for them in every possible venue. As a result, her sons are both completely integrated into their community, participating in all types of educational, social, and vocational activities and opportunities.
As her boys have grown older and are becoming young men, Lidia’s advocacy has expanded to include other students and young adults. In addition to providing some education advocacy, her true talent lies in navigating public agencies to find and negotiate services outside the public education system. She focuses on attaining maximum success and community integration for each individual, regardless of the impact of their disability.
In her spare time, Lidia designs and develops educational materials for her sons, bakes, remodels her turn-of-the century home, and spends time with her vast network of family and friends.

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