We can make a difference in the education of your child with special needs

How We Can Help

We work individually with each family to understand their specific needs

What Our Clients Are Saying

“[Our child] is doing so much better in Middle School than she ever did in Elementary. That is a direct result of your efforts to get her the supports she needs. You have made a real difference to our family and we are grateful.”

“Thank you so very much for all that you have done. Without your help, [my son] wouldn’t be where he is today.”

I am very pleased with the services that Diane provided and would happily use her again. The wheels were falling off the bus when it came to not just my child’s education, but every aspect of his life. Diane had a solid relationship with our school district personnel that allowed the process to get him help move very quickly. I was touched by the compassion and understanding that she brought to me as a parent, not just a client. I also greatly appreciated the practical advice she provided when laying out options. She never tried to sway me one way or the other, she just presented the factual information and what I could expect when considering different courses of action and then she supported me with the path I chose. I found her to be easily reachable and responsive to my inquiries.

Diane gets things done

“We first hired Diane to work with the school district for a compromise accommodation to enable our daughter’s service dog to attend school with her. We hired her for her reputation of working with the district, and not in a confrontational manner. She worked to cut through bureaucracy and made it happen. She continues to make things happen whether we have needed to switch school/placement for my daughter, or get a reduced hour day with busing. I cannot recommend her more highly.”

“I just wanted to thank you so much for all you’ve done through this entire process with [my son]. It was so great to have you at the IEP, not only for your sage input, which I rely on, but knowing you were keeping track of all the details I don’t even know I should be keeping track of was a huge relief. It allowed me to just do my job as a loving advocate for my son. Thank you so much!”

“Once again, thanks for all the loving care and intelligence on the behalf of [our children]. We are very grateful.”

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