Special Education

Yamhill County’s News-Register Summary

The McMinnville School District recently agreed to address a complaint that the District was dismissing students with disabilities earlier than their general education peers. This early dismissal led to reduce instruction time, which violates federal law. The superintendent of the District signed a voluntary resolution with the Office of Civil Rights that will require the District to “assess its programs,…

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Title IX Complaint Investigation

The McMinnville School District (District) has two ongoing Title IX allegations currently pending. First, the former girls’ cross-country coach, and five others, filed an official complaint with the U.S. District Court. They allege that the District retaliated against the girls’ program by hiring a new, part-time, cross country coach for the girls, while the boys program has both a head…

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District agrees to make sure school day is the same length

From Yamhill County’s News-Register June 12,2020 McMinnville School District has agreed to address a complaint that schools dismissed some students with disabilities earlier than the rest of the student body, reducing their instruction time. Federal law requires schools to treat all students the same. Maryalice Russell, who signed a voluntary resolution with the state on Monday, said, “It’s the right…

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OCR Reference No. 10201073 Summary

Wiscarson Law filed a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) against the McMinnville School District, alleging that the District was discriminating against students with disabilities by dismissing those students early. Students with disabilities who rode specialized buses were let go before general education students, leading to less instructional time. Before OCR issued their ruling, the District agreed to…

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Placement vs. Location – What Does It Mean?

In this next Spectrum Life article, written by Diane Wiscarson and Kelsey Coulter of Wiscarson Law, the difference between placement and location is explained. Placement refers to the type of educational program and location refers to a geographical site.  To learn more about these sometimes confused terms, click on the link below. https://www.spectrumlife.org/blog/placement-vs-location-what-does-it-mean

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Classrooms in Crisis Series

KGW8 reporter Cristin Severance has spent the last year reporting a series titled “Classrooms in Crisis.” Cristin explores issues in Oregon classrooms including, but not limited to, disruptive learning, budget cuts, and busing, from both parent and teacher perspectives. See link below to the entire series: https://www.kgw.com/section/news/investigations/classrooms-in-crisis

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