Hood River Ordered to Pay 900 Hours in Compensatory Education

After a Due Process Hearing in which Wiscarson Law represented the family, Hood River County School District (District) was found to have denied Student access to an education by both an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) and on appeal, a federal district court judge. The OPB article discusses how Student’s educational struggles started on his first day of kindergarten, when his parents were asked to pick him up from school because of behaviors. The article also discusses how Student was denied access to his peers and how Student’s IEP was not updated to reflect progress made. The ALJ ordered 900 hours of compensatory education for Student to make up for the entire year of lost education, and was affirmed by a federal court judge.

The Student is now doing wonderfully in his new school, where he is receiving all of the supports he needs. However, the District is still appealing the decision, now to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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