If I Need Help

AutismServiceDogs_250x250Have you ever worried about a loved one wandering off?  What would happen to a non-verbal loved one who was there in an emergency?  It is always hard to think about the bad things that could happen, but now there is a way to get some piece of mind from technology that is already at your fingertips.  There is a non-profit out there hoping to help out in case of an emergency, it is called ifineedhelp.org.

The membership to the site is free.  The saved emergency information can be accessed by anyone with internet access by either entering the code on the website or by scanning the unique QR code.  You can also change info from any internet connected device (i.e.  cell phone or tablet connected to wifi or with a data plan), this means that you can update the information as soon as you notice a loved one missing.  You can also send the profile by email to searchers.

There are a variety of products available:

  • Window clings and bumper stickers (to let emergency responders know that there is someone in the car who might not be able to escape themselves or communicate.)
  • Wearable codes including patches, dog tags, tags that can be laced into shoes, pins, clips and keychains.
  • Custom t-shirts, long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts with the codes on them.
  • ID cards: that will include who to call along with custom information for example if there are allergies, and how to interact (for example “please do not touch me but keep me calm by talking slowly).

We all like to think that nothing bad will happen to our loved ones, but a little planning can help to provide some peace of mind that you are prepared just in case something could happen.

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