KATU News Project Education Investigation Part Four

KATU News aired the fourth part of its story on high school Student, Sequoia Chavez, and her Mother, Kelly Gutierrez’s, fight for Sequoia’s education. KATU News reports that the Lincoln County School District is currently on the hook for over $632,000 in legal fees. Those legal fees are only expected to increase, as the District has filed a lawsuit against Sequoia and Kelly, in an effort to have Sequoia return to schooling in the District. The report also talks about a Motion for Summary Judgment, which was recently filed by Wiscarson Law on behalf of Sequoia, that would dismiss the District’s lawsuit against Sequoia and Kelly, allowing Sequoia to continue attending school at the Lathem Center in Massachusetts. 

To learn more, you can find the link to KATU’s report from June 22, 2022 below:


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