Seaside Signs Voluntary Resolution for Title IX Violations

An Office of Civil Rights (OCR) complaint was filed in March 2021 against Seaside School District (District). The complaint alleges that the District discriminated against female students by providing inequitable athletic facilities to the female athletic programs, as compared to the boys’ athletic programs. During the course of OCR’s investigation, OCR expressed concern with the girls’ softball team for having inequitable facilities to the boys’ baseball team. The concerns included: 

  1. The girls having more responsibilities with their use of the filed;
  2. The girls having limited bleachers with an obstructed view;
  3. Not girls allowing the girls to practice during the boys’ games due to concerns of stray balls, but allowing the boys to practice during the girls’ games.

In response, the District agreed to a Voluntary Resolution Agreement (Agreement). When fully implemented, the Agreement is intended to address the concerns of the girls’ softball team facilities.

Seaside School District Letter and Resolution Agreement

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