Hood River Signs Voluntary Resolution for Title IX Violation

A Title IX complaint was filed with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) against the Hood River County School District. The complaint alleged that the District was violating Title IX by providing unequal athletic facilities to athletes on the basis of gender. The complaint included examples such as the girls’ softball team having to commute much farther for practices and not having access to the same facility amenities as the boys’ baseball team. Additionally, OCR found during the course of their investigation, that the scheduling of games and practice times had potential compliance concerns, noting the discrepancies between the boys’ and girls’ sports teams’ transportation requests. 

The District agreed to address these issues by signing a Voluntary Resolution Agreement (Agreement). The Agreement requires the District to conduct an assessment of policies and practices to ensure equitable benefits, treatment and opportunity for student athletes of both sexes, by August 17, 2017. The assessment will include an evaluation of the following concerns of inequity, amongst others:

  1. Scheduling of games and competitions to ensure equal opportunities; 
  2. Quality and access to facilities – including facilities operated by the District and facilities not operated by the District;
  3. Transportation to practice facilities and competitions.

            The District will submit an action plan to OCR within 10 days of completing the assessment, to which OCR can provide provisions for the District to incorporate. The District will provide OCR with follow up reports until OCR finds the District is compliant with the Agreement and Title IX regulations.

OCR Hood River 2017 Title IX Resolution Agreement

OCR Hood River 2017 Title IX Complaint

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